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A ceremonial herbal blend is a beautiful mixture of herbs and flowers. Bear Blend's premium blends of over 40 certified organic, biodynamic, and fair-trade medicinal herbs create a healthy and flavorful alternative with relaxing, anti-anxiety effects.


  Herbal blends are excellent for enhancing the experience of other herbs — we're talking about delicious combinations you didn't even know were possible before.  Bring your senses to life with herbs like damiana, mugwort,  and uva ursi, just to name a few.  


Herbs have long been used traditionally around the world to treat physical and emotional ailments — and to just feel good. Several of the herbs in our blends are known for their relaxing effects.  Herbs like lavender, mullein, passion flower, valerian and hops are potently calming for the body and mind.

Certified Organic

High quality products made with integrity — that's what Bear Blend is all about. Each batch is handcrafted in our certified organic facility in California, where some of the best herb is grown.

Certified Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends

Each with unique flavor and effects


Spicy Activator

The Amazon blend is activating and flavorful with hints of clove and vanilla. It inspires alert relaxation with a medium effect.

Active Herbs: Calamus, Passion Flower, Clove, Calendula, Vanilla Bean

Dream Lodge

Lucid and Welcoming Guide to the Dream World

Powerfully relaxing with hops and valerian. It is body calming and dream enhancing with a strong effect.

Active Herbs: Valerian, Hops, Wormwood, Tarragon

Kin Nik Nik

Expansive Classic

Kin Nik Nik is an expansive and uplifting blend with lavender undertones. It is peaceful and cerebral with a medium effect.

Active Herbs: Damiana, Uva Ursi, Motherwort, Passion Flower


Magical Mistress

The Moon Ceremonial Blend is our most magical blend. With a medium effect, the Moon brings balance and calmness with hints of rose and lavender.

Active Herbs: Rose Petals, Motherwort, St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil


The OG Smooth Operator

The most floral and aromatic blend, Original works to soothe, relax, and center.

Active Herbs:  Mugwort, Rose Petals, Damiana, Catnip, Lobelia, Vanilla Bean


Daytime Blend

A potent herbal cocktail that brings clarity and awareness. With an earthy flavor and strong effect, Vizion is energizing and invigorating.

Active Herbs: Mate, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Skullcap

What They're Saying


The product is different from anything I’ve ever tried. I’ve used the Dream Lodge blend, and it almost caresses you in calm. Not too overbearing and the smoothest stuff you can buy. Beautiful job team Bear Blend.


The Herbs were light and fluffy...and the flavor brought me home. The sweetness of the lavender in Dream Lodge calms me right down. Upon opening the tin my senses were filled with the wonderful aroma of the herbs. Would definitely recommend for an occasional indulgence, and especially for those trying to quit harmful habits.


This blend is great for relaxing and, well, sleeping. The primary herb is mullein with lavender, valerian, and mugwort being the main herbs that cause the sleepy, relaxed feeling. This is great as a tea an hour or so before you go to bed to help unwind and fall asleep faster. The smell coming off of this is great. It's very light but pleasant. After drinking and going to sleep I had vivid and lucid dreams. Overall very pleased with this blend and will buy again. Way better than chamomile or mint teas. This just has so many herbs in it, it doesn't compare. If you're on the fence about buying it / say go for it. You will be pleased.


I was looking for an alternative experience to quit some bad habits.  I found Bear Blend and was intrigued. I tried the Dream Lodge and Kin Nik Nik first and just fell in love. I had to come back and try more flavors.  Fabulous products.  I plan to be a regular customer.

100% Certified Organic Herbs

No chemicals.  No additives. 

All of our blends are made with pure organic herbs and flowers.

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